"Saving, Growing and Preserving, Only Pure, Natural Seeds"
We are located at the Hernando County Farmers Market every Saturday 10am- 3pm. 2468 Commercial Way Spring Hill, Fl 34606.
I always have plants, fertilizer, Grow- Towers & seeds available. Orders for plants are to be picked up there.
Gardener's Supply Company         

The only unaltered, pure, secure food source.


Why our Seeds?
I specifically hand pick the seeds we sell for our climate,environment and area (higher temperatures & humidity).  We start them, we grow them, we collect and save them, all
with our own hands. For those we can't grow and save enough of you can be assured
they are from the original source that also has the highest standards. I only sell those I
have grown, and grew successfully;  If I haven't, I won't sell it.
Heirlooms are proven to have more vitamins & minerals than commercial-convention vegetables because they are non altered & non modified. They grow naturally and have
their original traits. Needless to say, of course Taste Better!  Organic methods also
provide them with more nutrients. By adding organic matter and other organic components to the soil, they replenish and rebuilds the minerals & micro-nutrients in the soil.
Herbicides & synthetic fertilizers use chemicals which harm the natural rebuilding process and create toxic runoff which is bad for the environment.
All our seeds and plants are open pollinated. (Which really goes without saying since they are heirlooms)
That means you can save the seeds and they will grow true to type (like the original plant).  By growing Heirlooms over and over in an environment they naturally adapt to
our pests & diseases which in turn builds their defenses. Buy our seeds and plants and
save the seeds and you will never have to buy them again!
We signed the "Safe Seed Pledge"
New to gardening or Florida Gardening?  Just need a little help getting started?  Try the Florida Yearly Planting Guide with all the information you need in one place! Print it out to use as a quick reference guide.
Want step by step instruction for Spring and Fall crops?  Use the Spring Garden Guide and the Fall Garden Guide.  They plan the season for you! 
Happy Gardening!

Webbs Wonderful Lettuce     


Gardening Tips

Bugs start early in the season here in Fl. . The best thing we can do is prevention. Spray a product containing BT in the beginning of the season or as soon as you see evidence of pests, such as holes in leaves etc..
BT is a natural occuring bacteria that scientists have developed into a substance that the worms eat,get sick and die. It does not kill other bugs and is harmless to people and animals. There are different forms of BT so read the directions. It will kill butterfly caterpillars so if you want them around, don;t use it. But remember while they are caterpillars, they eat your veggies! I try to avoid using anything except my Homemade Insect Spray , but I have started spraying Outbound, (a product from Green World Path) as a preventative and have had great results and better crops. Worms are usually out just before and after the sun comes up. Go out early to pick them off. Look for curled leaves and inside is where they lay their eggs and turn into worms while eating their way out. Of course destroy all the worms you find.  I also use some other store bought products for pest and disease control.  They are featured throughout the site.


This is a MUST SEE video.  Please take a minute to watch, we need to stay informed!
We are in PRIME TIME BUG SEASON! As the temperature rises eggs are hatching.!  See my new Pest Identification and Control chart. for help.
I start a lot of my seeds for fall in July.  That's only a couple of weeks away!  Start planning NOW!!  
 Here is the Fall Garden Guide.    

If you don't have all your seeds get your list together and order soon.
See my recently updated Seed Starting page for step by step instructions for growing healthy strong seedlings.
How much should you grow?  Here are Crop Yields per vegetable plant.
I will have seedlings available at the Farmers Market starting in August while supplies last. September on I will have plants only. Pre ordering is suggested for large quantities or to make sure I will have enough of what you want.  If you will need more than 50 seedlings/plants I  will reguire a small deposit to be mailed or dropped off at the H.C. Farmers Market.
E-mail for current stock or special varieties.

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Now Available for 2014!

Lacinato Kale

Lacinato Kale
Seminole Pumpkin Squash
Seminole Squash   
Purple Russian
Purple Russian Tomato
Hatch Chile
New Mexico Hatch Chile

  I have finally moved out to my new farm,  Not quite a farm yet....I have to remember farms aren't built in a day! LOL
The name of my farm is 
"Growin' Crazy Acres Heirloom Seed Farm" !  I am so excited.  Soon I will be able to grow many more varieties for seed saving.  The transition during seed starting will be a challenge, but one I am ready for.  Even though I will no longer be doing this in my residential backyard, my focus is still on growing the best heirlooms for home gardeners in Florida. 
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 Clearing the new farm.
Seed House & Pole Barn

New slide shows:
 Too many cucumbers? Here is an easy recipe for

GrowTowers are a great way to grow a lot of food in a little space!  You can grow 20 plants in a 2 ' space. To insure I will have the color you want stop by the market, or email me to reserve them.  See GrowTower page above for more information.
Now available:
Hydrolyzed fish fertilizer
Outbound  (organic pest control)
Total Plus  (a complete fertilizer) and Eco Plus  (a soil builder and fungicide).
All are from Green World Path our local organic manufacturer.
 Soil ammendments are Only available at the





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I use these products
all the time. For more
garden stuff see my
This is a complete fertilizer
 to add to gardens or pots.
This kills variety of bugs.
It contains Spinosad.
This is for most worms,
 caterpillars.It has BT.
Tester for general fertility
and PH.
Neem controls bugs and
helps with fungus.
Online Garden Planning Tool





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